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Q: Does granite stain?
A: Usually not. Although granite is naturally stain resistant, if not sealed with an impregnating sealer staining can occur.

Q: Why are there pits and cracks in the stone?
A: Granite is a product of nature and as such, subject to variation in shades, color and grain structure. Pitting and veining are a natural occurrence in stone and veining may be mistaken for cracks.

Q: Will there be seams on the countertops?
A: Most countertops will have seams. A typical slab of granite is approximately 96”x55”. Any run of granite over this dimension may have to be seamed.

Q: Can I cut on my granite countertop?
A: Yes, however when using your granite countertops as a cutting board, make sure spills and liquids from fruits and vegetables are cleaned up promptly, as acidic juices from fruits and vegetables can break down the protective sealer and cause staining if left on countertops for extended amounts of time.

Q: How does granite compare to other countertop materials?
A: Granite is the strongest countertop material available. Unlike man-made solid surfaces, granite is heat resistant. Granite is classy, yet practical. Since Granite occurs in nature, your guaranteed not to have the same countertop as your neighbor down the street. Granite is also competitively priced with other countertop materials.

Q: How do I care for my granite countertops now that they have been installed?
A: Once your granite countertops are installed, proper maintenance will insure they remain as beautiful as the day they were installed. DMG recommends Felixchem's Care & Maintenance Program. Implementing the program at time of install will produce the best results. The program consists of a three step system which includes Stone-X Countertop Cleaner, Strongman Stone Sealer & Polish-X Countertop Polish.